Company Profile

Dongguan Sudong Electronic Technology Co.,LtdIs a commitment to non-carbon brush electric screwdriver, torque tester and peripheral products supporting the development, production and sales in one of the professional high-tech enterprises。

The company has engaged in a number of development, production and scientific research and technical personnel and excellent management team, uphold the pursuit of excellence and continuous innovation of the service concept. Companies from design and development to manufacturing a series of processing technology have adopted a professional high-precision processing equipment, and strive to create the highest quality industry, services to our customers. The company has such as: CNC winding machine, dynamic balancing machine, CNC machining heart, CNC CNC lathe, EDM, line cutting, automatic lathes, milling machines, planer, drilling, presses, injection molding machines and other precision equipment.

ThanksThe majority of customers have been favored friends and support. The Company will uphold the first service excellence, and constantly push the idea of innovation for our customers to create higher market value and efficiency.


SUDONGKnow that only every small parts are accurate bite in order to ensure the best operation of the worst, SUDONG from advanced design concepts to the precise manufacturing process and strict factory inspection, rigorous throughout, to ensure that each user SUDONG handy.

SUDONGFocus on the field of fastening and industrial processing has been 9 years, attention to technological innovation, with a number of independent intellectual property rights, products with precision and durability ahead of the domestic tightening industry, SUDONG will be in South China, North China, East China, Southeast, Northwest And other cities to establish sales and service agencies for the vast number of consumers to provide sustained and stable service guarantee.

SUDONGDeep in China, look at the world, every effort and effort from the original vision: to do the world's best fastening products, do the most recognized products.

China first, world quality!


Green represents environmental protection with the times, sustainable development, is a symbol of hope
Three pieces of the shape of the arc and the shape of the circular movement
On behalf of the company's strategic service industry, a clear determination, but also a symbol of the company's purpose and goal, with advanced technology, the latest ideas to meet customer's The greatest desire to reflect the company's vigorous momentum and the ever-changing new look.
[SU]Representatives: Agile quick innovation。
[Dong]On behalf of: the eternal service, the overall integration of the professional, team, innovation, harmony and environmental protection brand concept!

Brand Culture

Company purpose

To talent as a fundamental to innovation as the soul,Market-oriented, customer-centric,Cultivate
and establish high-tech industries of electronic products,For the broadest range of industrial users to create new products to create new value

Strategic objectives

The company will use talent, technological superiority, vigorously develop high-tech industries; actively participate in domestic and international competition with the industry, built domestic and international electronic products in the field of highly influential high-tech enterprises.

core values

Continuously innovate - advocate continuous innovation as the driving force behind the company's development.Quality work - to promote the pursuit of excellence, quality and efficient work in theprocess of sublimation of personal value. Full service
- Advocate support for win over trust with customers on a full range of services. Common development -
to promote all the staff work together to share the company's development brought about by the results and development opportunities.Quality policy -quality as a fundamental, credibility is life, innovation endless.