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China 's power tools industry to enhance technical strength

source:Dongguan Sudong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd release time:2017-06-03 Browse:960
Although in recent years, China's power tool industry has made rapid development, but compared to foreign products still exist a certain gap. To promote the further development of the power tool industry, technology is very important. Power tools industry is a high-tech industries, enterprises must actively introduce relevant technology, enhance their technical strength.

Power tool industry, belonging to the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, enhance the service in the advanced manufacturing. Power tools are widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail construction, shipbuilding, automotive, and other advanced equipment manufacturing and construction of roads, decoration, wood processing, metal processing and other production areas.

The global power industry, according to the technical requirements of the product, application areas, can be divided into technical level, professional level and family level of the three levels. Among them, the industrial-grade power tools products, mainly for processing accuracy or work environment protection requirements of the workplace, such as aerospace, with high technical requirements, higher profits, the scope of a small market characteristics; Level power tools are mainly used for precision requirements are not high, continuous operation time is not long occasions, such as home decoration, simple decoration, with low technical content, low profit characteristics. China's largest power tool production enterprises to produce household-level power tools products, product sales price as the main means of competition, all in a low, disorderly competitive state.

Professional power tools in the technical content, scope of application, value of the product or product gross margin level, much higher than the self-made products. Professional power tools, power, high speed, long life of the motor, you can continue to work for a long time, high technical content, high profits, wide market range, high industry threshold, high brand value.

China's domestic power tool market perennial for the German Bosch, Japan's Hitachi and other foreign brands to firmly grasp the giant. In recent years the trend of foreign brands in the domestic market share decline channel.

Under normal circumstances the domestic power tool industry, the production of their own hands to do a family of electric tools products accounted for the vast majority of the formation of the product line of professional-grade products factory is extremely rare, low concentration of industry, the lack of leading enterprises. From the development trend, the domestic brand experience of the industry reshuffle, and finally formed a number of leading enterprises and norms, orderly situation; domestic and foreign brands, will also re-distribution of market share, domestic brands continue to replace foreign brands. Internal integration industry needs, will give business leaders to celebrate.

Improve the product structure, integrated service capabilities, power tools market situation is very good, but the problem is that the domestic power tool structure is not perfect domestic sales market, power tools, the most traditional high-speed power tools and general level of carbide tool standards.