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Quick - To accelerate the development of domestic electric screwdriver brand

source:Dongguan Sudong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd release time:2017-06-03 Browse:888
Throughout the domestic electric screwdriver industry status, production DIY home-class domestic electric screwdriver products enterprises occupy the vast majority, to form a series of professional products factory is extremely rare, low concentration of industry, the lack of leading enterprises. From the development trend, the domestic brands will undergo reshuffle between the industry, and ultimately formed by a small number of leading enterprises to guide and regulate the orderly situation; domestic and foreign brands, will also re-distribution of market share, domestic brands continue to replace foreign investment Brand. Industry's inherent integration needs, will be the industry leader to the engine. Speed, as a main power tools of private enterprises, has been focused on the field of fastening and industrial processing, attention to technological innovation, with a number of independent intellectual property rights, products with precision and durability ahead of the domestic tightening industry in the future development Will show more vigorous vitality.

Product structure to be improved, comprehensive service capacity to be strengthened, as mentioned earlier, power tool market situation is very good, but the problem is that the domestic power tool structure is not perfect, domestic power tools, the vast majority of traditional high-speed power tools and general Horizontal Carbide Standard Tools.

The global power tool industry, in accordance with the technical requirements of products, applications and other characteristics, can be divided into industrial, professional and DIY three levels of household grade. Among them, the industrial-grade power tools products are mainly used for process accuracy or operating environment protection requirements of high operating places, such as aerospace, with high technical requirements, high profits, the scope of a small market characteristics; DIY home-level power tools It is applied to occasions where the accuracy is not high and the continuous operation time is not long, such as home repair, simple decoration and other occasions, with low technical content, low profit characteristics. At present, China's vast majority of power tools manufacturing enterprises are in the production of DIY home-level power tools products, product sales mainly to price as a means of competition, the overall show a low-end, disorderly competitive state. And professional-grade power tools in terms of technical content, application areas, product added value or product gross margin, are far more than DIY-class products. Professional power tools themselves large power, high speed, long motor life, can continue to repeat the operation for a long time, with high technological content, high profit margins, a wide range of market, industry, high threshold, high brand value. The rapid rise of the market will continue to expand market share, instead of imported brands.

Power tools industry to actively introduce technology to enhance their own strength China's rapid development, the overall nature of foreign exchanges, the prospects of electric screwdriver industry, in recent years is also rapid development, but compared to foreign related enterprises or in the backward level. To make the electric screwdriver industry rapid development, technology is essential. Coupled with the special nature of the electric screwdriver industry, is a high-tech industries, enterprises must actively introduce relevant technology to enhance their own strength. Electric screwdriver industry, belonging to advanced equipment manufacturing industry, and enhance the service in the advanced manufacturing industry.

The development of high-tech manufacturing enterprises needs to drive a new round of China's electric screwdriver manufacturing industry to accelerate the development of the emergence of a strong demand for electric screwdriver, driven by the rapid development of the tool industry, will also be in such a momentum to flourish stand up.