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Moving - Domestic power tool industry will further enhance

source:Dongguan Sudong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd release time:2017-06-03 Browse:994
In all the hardware tools inside, the use of power tools should be the most widely used. As the power tools have a high efficiency, light structure, low energy consumption, easy to carry and other characteristics, whether in industrial production or home use has been widely used. With the economic globalization, power tool market is developing rapidly. It is understood that in recent years, the power tool industry presents a rapid development trend in the domestic power tool market, domestic sales of electric tools has accounted for 90% of total sales, and a variety of imported brand products accounted for only 10% of the market share. Foreign power tools market, China's manufacturing ratio continues to expand, China has become the world's leading power tool products exporting countries and global power tool production base, the industry has great potential for development.

China's high technological content, functional requirements of the industry with professional power tools in Europe and the United States there is still a large latent market. At present, economically developed countries in the economically developed regions, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France and other countries in the European region, the United States, Canada, and the Asian region of the North American region, are very common in household work, Of the 50% ~ 70% of China's power tools products in the country and the region of household power tools products have a large share of the market, but China's industrial production of professional power tools for the region's exports are not large. Industrial professional power tools with high technical content, safety, electromagnetic compatibility performance requirements, and the performance, efficiency, reliability, durability are delineated, the price is similar to several DIY tools, even more than 10 times, all kinds of Professional electric tools in the international arena famous brands such as Hilti, Bosch, Matthew's hammer, 100 of the drill, Makita's planer and other woodworking tools, the century round saw and so on.

Analysis pointed out that China's exports of electric tools accounted for 85% of the world's sales of electric tools, but the amount of exports accounted for only about 40% of total sales, the main reason is that China's power tool manufacturing industry has not yet established in the international market, In particular, the industry with professional power tools, the general use of licensing production (OEM), coupled with the domestic market competition is not standardized, so that export prices are getting lower and lower. For example, in 2001 the average price of electric tools exports 12.72 US dollars / Taiwan, while the export price of foreign-funded enterprises is 18.74 US dollars / Taiwan, the average price of imported electric tools for 45.94 US dollars / Taiwan. Therefore, China to improve product technology, the development of industrial power tools products, founded from the international famous brands, will be able to expand the market and create greater economic benefits.

Developing countries and economically underdeveloped countries are the potential target markets for household (DIY) power tools in our country. Power tools are relatively less developed in economically underdeveloped, or relatively backward third world countries. With the economic development, material and cultural level of progress, household daily power tools will gradually increase. For example, the Asian region, China's market share of electric tools sold to Asian countries is growing year by year, compared with 2002, an increase of 2.6 percentage points. As a result, household power tools are very large in latent markets in developing countries and economically underdeveloped countries.

According to the analysis, China's power tool market is maturing, brand awareness and brand effect will be highlighted. The next few years, the share of domestic power tools will be further improved, with the power tool market demand continues to heat up, will promote China's related enterprises in the production and operation to a positive direction, industry prospects can be expected.

However, despite the rapid development of China's power tool industry trend, but also face the following factors:

1, Compared with the high level of the international market, China's power tools production technology and management level is low, the product features a single. To compete in the international market bigger and stronger, urgent need to expand the high-end market share, the international competitiveness of products to be further enhanced.

2,Due to China's power tools industry access threshold is low, in independent innovation, product development, brand cultivation and other aspects of investment is small, with independent intellectual property rights of power tools in the international market awareness is far enough, international marketing The network has not yet been established. Independent innovation and brand awareness need to be further strengthened.

3,Foreign trade and exports are facing a grim situation, steel (including silicon steel), copper (enameled wire and other copper products), aluminum, magnesium alloy, engineering plastics and other production of electric tools, the main raw material, high prices, so that power tool production costs Continue to rise, a direct impact on the export efficiency of products. With the industrial ceramics, high-performance soft magnetic, plastic new materials in the application of new products, is expected in the future application of new low-carbon environmentally friendly materials will be more and more.

4, The appreciation of the renminbi, exports of electric tools have a certain impact, China's power tools industry to obtain new achievements in export, there are many difficulties to be overcome.

5, China's export status of power tools are increasingly subject to the challenges from developing countries, developing countries, the level of technology and management is currently a large degree of improvement in labor and raw materials, low cost to China's power tool industry has brought very Big competitive pressure, international competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

6,The international and domestic market power tools and brand more critical, whether it is power tools dealers, or the majority of direct users, are very concerned about the quality of power tools and brands. Therefore, the market to good quality, good brand power tools to increase the tilt. This is a step forward, indicating that the power tool market is maturing. Because of this, the domestic power tool market brand awareness and brand effect is more prominent, many power tool dealers, especially a little strength and size of the power tool dealers, are well-branded power tools to show a high degree of enthusiasm The

Recently, the European Commission non-food rapid warning system (rapex) produced in China from the hardware power tool products issued consumer warning. Domestic hardware tools and exporters should pay great attention to this.

The world's domestic power tools on the market requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, the European Union for the hardware power tools to develop a special 60745-1 standard, the purpose is to enter the European market of power tools for technical specifications, thereby reducing or avoiding Power tools may cause harm to consumers.

Europe has also introduced the Electrical Certification Act. Related enterprises to export to the EU all specifications and series of power tools products, before the export must be certified by the European Union electrical instructions and imprinted, the expired products to apply for certification in a timely manner.

In addition, during the detection of power tools, companies need to do the preparatory work in advance. Enterprises need to accumulate experience, the products involved will be adjusted according to the provisions of the EU, otherwise it will be eliminated by the market.