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Quick - The development trend of domestic furniture hardware

source:Dongguan Sudong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd release time:2017-06-03 Browse:1014
Over the past decade, the domestic furniture hardware development trend is getting better and better, some domestic front-end hardware companies also boarded the stage of the world, hardware in the furniture occupies an indispensable role to explain its importance. Faced with such a complex and varied domestic and foreign competitive environment, furniture hardware need to accelerate the pace to meet the challenge.

Reform and opening up more than 20 years, China's hardware industry has been rapid development, increasing influence in foreign countries. At the same time, domestic enterprises are not familiar with the international competitive environment, do not understand the rules of foreign industries, paid a number of costs, facing increasing competition, only innovation, to compete with foreign countries.

"2013-2017 China's hardware industry development prospects and investment forecast analysis report" mentioned: China's hardware technology and foreign similar products, there are still some gaps, the relevant enterprises should focus on how to carry out technological innovation, improve the product Value-added, and can not walk to win the old road, vigorously develop the hardware tool industry, pay close attention to new products, new technology development, accelerate the development of China's hardware industry, improve economic efficiency and overall technical level. Innovation is the eternal theme of Chinese hardware.

At present, China's leading hardware industry leading role is not strong. Hardware tools industry leading enterprises in domestic and foreign market technology, the overall competitiveness of the industry and other advantages are not obvious. In addition, most companies rely on OEM production, the lack of visibility and core competitiveness. The fundamental reason is the lack of innovation, resulting in low value-added products, low-quality low-priced products into the market. Blind pursuit of the amount of expansion, resulting in the total excess, low product surplus, lower prices, profit margins decline year by year.

Independent innovation is related to the survival and development of enterprises themselves, but also an inexhaustible motive force for enterprises to build brilliant future. Facing the ever-changing needs of the future, all businesses need to take precautions to better meet the challenges. To solve the industry's low-level redundant construction, low-quality product surplus and low-cost dumping vicious competition and other issues, must rely on innovation, only innovation, in order to enable enterprises to truly embark on the road of sustainable development. Enterprises should compare their products with international counterparts, from the quality, style, variety, function and other aspects of comparison, to identify gaps, to carry out research, and thus targeted to innovate to reduce risk and achieve tangible results .