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The quick-Acting screwdriver is unveiled at the fastener show

source:Dongguan Sudong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd release time:2017-06-03 Browse:913
The company in the second Shanghai Automotive Fastener Exhibition in the relevant reports, the full text is as follows:

2011 Shanghai Fastener Show and the 2nd Shanghai Automotive Fastener Exhibition was held in Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center from June 16th to 18th, 2011. Shanghai Fastener Show and the 2nd Shanghai Automotive Fastener Exhibition in terms of size, or invite the number of professional visitors, quality and innovative thinking of the exhibition, etc., are a qualitative leap. Exhibition exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, more than 400 exhibitors, sales include: fasteners, screw machines, molding equipment, tooling, surface treatment, stamping parts and lathe parts exhibits, raw materials. Well-known enterprises at home and abroad all exhibitors, including Shanghai National Machinery, Nieder Luofu, Shanghai Jinma, Ningbo Donggang, Ningbo Xingyi, Shanghai Spring, Dongming stainless steel.

He warmly received Xiaobian, gray hair, a blue overalls, his face smile, hale and hearty. He briefly introduced the advantages of the company's two products, he said the company mainly produces quick-acting brand injection molding machine, screw machine, squeeze machine equipped with this exhibition on the main push 3-station and 4-position screw machine, Introduced the advantages of these two kinds of screw machine, he said the three-position screw machine can produce a variety of standard parts bolts, 4-position screw machine can produce more complex parts of the mechanical parts, This machine is characterized by fast, high efficiency, the production of tea products is better accuracy.

He said the company was founded in November 1999. The company has more than 50,000 square meters of international standardization of the plant, with more than one large-scale processing centers and a large number of advanced processing equipment. Fast company with a strong R & D design innovation capability, continue to provide customers with different products and requirements to adapt to the personalized machine. Has a special testing departments, the introduction of European-style design concept, the implementation of the whole process control, through strict assembly, testing, commissioning, to provide customers with first-class Chinese mainland products and services. The introduction and training of professional talents, the products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions, the company is gradually established to speed up the brand as the core of the domestic and international market for the marketing service system.