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Domestic electric tools market continues to blaze new trails

source:Dongguan Sudong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd release time:2017-06-03 Browse:1084
According to research found that by the foreign trade market downturn of the persecution, many power tools manufacturers and distributors began to convert the strategy, began to focus on the domestic power tool market development and innovation, and some of their own domestic sales dominated the power tool business And businessmen, is to play their own advantages, and actively in the upgrade file on the hard work, development is quite rapid.

Power tools in the domestic market capacity is not as large as the international market, but the demand is still small, and most of them are professional power tools, higher selling prices, and thus better economic benefits, as long as the importance of product quality, and constantly consolidate and open up market share, On the same promising, the same can survive and develop. As the domestic power tool market on the quality of power tools and brands more critical, whether it is power tool dealers, or direct users, are very concerned about the quality of power tools and brands. Therefore, the market to good quality, good brand power tools to increase the tilt. As long as the enterprise, the seller with the market read a good market by the power tools do not worry about no sales.

It is understood that the quality of domestic users of power tools increasingly high, especially for product efficiency, weight, life and other indicators are very concerned about. To the construction industry, for example, the quality of domestic power tools are mainly reflected as: hammer easy to heat, continuous working time is short, hammer impact is small, vibration, the operator to press hard to deepen, easy to wear, easy Broken and so on. For the better development of domestic and foreign markets, more and more power tools manufacturers and vendors pay more attention to scientific and technological innovation, quality win, to consolidate and expand new products market. Therefore, the power tool market brand awareness and brand effect is more obvious, a lot of slightly strength and size of the power tool dealers, are good brand distribution of power tools show a high degree of enthusiasm.

The power tool market is maturing. After years of cultivation, Yongkang power tool industry has formed many of their own brand and their own brand name, especially a number of well-known power tool brand, has been in our province and even China's power tool industry gradually leading position. It is expected that these brands will be more healthy and faster growth in a regulated and orderly competitive environment. With the manufacturers continue to attach importance to corporate brand building, increase investment in science and technology, the development of new products, power tools industry from a single small power tool products to diversify, large, modern, large-scale, new power tools Series of products into the direction of the rapid occupation of the market high ground.