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Electric screwdriver working principle and maintenance

source:Dongguan Sudong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd release time:2017-06-03 Browse:719
Electric screwdriver as a mechanical parts, the normal work can not be separated from the power supply, power supply for the electric screwdriver to provide energy and related control functions, driving the motor rotation. As the electric screwdriver motor parameters are not the same, in the case of electric power output of the same power, the speed will be different.

1. Do not beat electric screwdriver (beware of collision or drop, otherwise it will produce motor noise and screwdriver).

2. Pull the electric screwdriver and the matching controller connection plug, should be the base of the plug force, should not have the force to pull the wire, so as not to damage the contact plug.

3. Electric screwdriver when working shake must stop using, so as not to further damage the electric screwdriver, and inform the management staff row of maintenance.

4. electric screwdriver there are abnormal problems, the administrator promptly sent to the maintenance staff to repair, the general abnormal phenomenon: the screwdriver does not turn, screwdriver speed is not smooth, screwdriver head easy to fall off or shaking phenomenon, the screwdriver will not stop.

5. When the electric screwdriver torque is too small, can not meet the use, should stop using, in time to inform the management staff to replace the large torque of the electric screwdriver.

6. When the start button is pressed, the electric screwdriver should not be rotated because the torque is too small. Note that this should be controlled within 10 seconds to avoid damage to the motor in the electric screwdriver.