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Electric screwdriver on the application of the phone to understand

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Electric screwdrivers are divided into traditional screwdrivers (screwdriver) and ratchet screwdrivers (electric screwdriver) (English: Ratchetscrewdriver). The traditional screwdriver is made of a plastic handle plus an iron bar capable of locking the screw, while the ratchet screwdriver is made of a plastic handle plus a ratchet. The latter allows the screw of the lock screw to turn clockwise or counterclockwise, and by the idle function to reach the power of the push screw, without having to turn the power drive (hand) back to its original orientation.

Screwdriver Variety:
1, Usually screwdriver: that is, the head of the head made with a screwdriver, a simple preparation, just come out to be able to use, but because there are many different kinds of screws and the thickness of the same length, and sometimes need to prepare many branches of the same screw The

2, The combination of screwdriver: a screwdriver head and handle the separation of the screwdriver, to install a different type of screws, just replace the screwdriver head can, do not need to bring a lot of screwdriver. The advantage is to save space, but simply lost screw head.

3, Electric screwdriver: electric screwdriver, Wensheng Shengyi is to replace the electric motor with the electric device and remove the screw, usually a combination of screwdriver.

4, Wall clock screwdriver: attributed to fine screwdriver, commonly used in the repair of hand-mounted wall clock, it is this one said.

5, Small King Kong screwdriver: head and body length than the commonly used screwdriver small, non-wall clocks.
Repair the phone, open the chassis needs with a screwdriver (some phone shell is a buckle line without a screwdriver). And the choice of screws mostly with hexagon screws; not the same phone has a different specifications, usually T5, T6, T7, T8 and so on, and some models are also equipped with special screws, the demand for a dedicated screwdriver. The other also need to prepare some small words, small plum screwdriver. In the optional such things, you can choose A, B sets of approved, it simply contains all the phone's open shell stuff.

When you open the case, according to the chassis fixed screw on the varieties and specifications to choose the appropriate screwdriver. If the selection is not appropriate, it may screw the screw groove flattened, the appearance of slip.


Place the screwdriver with a specially shaped tip aligned with the top of the screw, fixed, and then start the handle.

According to the norms of norms, clockwise rotation for the tightening; counterclockwise rotation was loose. The word screwdriver can be applied to the Phillips screw. But the cross screw has a strong resistance to deformation.