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Precision electric screwdriver selection of the reference point of view

source:Dongguan Sudong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd release time:2017-06-03 Browse:692
Speed electronic professional engaged in the manufacture of electric screwdriver (electric screwdriver) and mechanical and electrical experience for nearly seven years, to create a unique electric screwdriver brand - SUDONG quick. In the peer in the efforts of their own, the courage to innovate and create high-quality, low-failure, effective tool. In order to thank the majority of customer support, specially prepared a choice on the choice of electric screwdriver for the new and old customers for reference.
Selection of electric screwdriver reference point:
1, Power and electric screwdriver whether there is 3C certification, and multi-national safety certification.
2, Electric screwdriver is notarized units to do the shock wave and other tests.
3, Electric screwdriver ESD anti-static whether there is notarized unit test.
4, Whether the choice of low-voltage electric screwdriver, low-pressure high-pressure screwdriver longer life, more secure.
5, Whether the use of power supply inverter power supply. (Torque, speed, temperature more stable, small size, large volume, plus soft start, no section of speed, more able to meet customer needs)
6, Electric screwdriver connection shaft and screwdriver total deviation is less than ± 5%. (60mm long screwdriver head, for example, concentricity correction standard control within 0.3mm);

Choose electric screwdriver: listen to the motor sound ah, there are torque accuracy, good electric screwdriver noise, torque adjustable angle. More relevant details can consult my station's online customer service, we will be patient for your solution.